If you are not sure what size crane you need, do not worry.  When you call to order your crane we will ask you to provide us with information ( i.e. dimensions, height, width, etc.) about you lift.  This helps us to calculate exactly which machine would be best for your lift.  Another service offered is onsite analysis.  This service is completely free to our customers.  Onsite analysis allows us to see the site before the crane rental takes place.  This helps us to know exactly which crane can safely and efficiently handle your lift. 


CAPACITY/CRANE                                          BOOM / JIB LENGTH
                                                   25T                                                                             92ft/ 44ft                             3 hour min.

                                                   35T                                                                           127ft/ 31ft                             4 hour min.

                                                   40T                                                                           127ft/ 31ft                             4 hour min.

                                                   50T                                                                           110ft/ 51ft                             4 hour min.

                                                   60T                                                                           110ft/ 51ft                            
 4 hour min.

 127ft/ 64ft                             8 hour min.

                                                   80T*                                                                         171ft/ 62ft                             8 hour min.

171ft/ 62ft                             
8 hour min. 

                                                 120T*                                                                         171ft/ 62ft                             8 hour min.

                                                 130T*                                                                         197ft/ 43ft                             8 hour min.

                                                 150T*                                                                         197ft/ 122ft                           8 hour min.

                                                 175T*                                                                         197ft/ 122ft                           8 hour min.

                                                 200T*                                                                         197ft/ 122ft                           8 hour min.

                                                 250T*                                                                         223ft/122ft                            8 hour min.

 *Counter weight haul, permits, and specialty rigging is charged on a per job basis. 

Pricing is portal to portal.

Overtime rates are applied after 8 hours of service. Discounts may apply to multi-day rentals. 

Trucking available (Flatbed & Lowboy). Storage available (Short-term & Long-term).